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Address: Tubastraat 42, 1312 WX Almere, Netherlands

Telephone: +31 36 546 8238

Business type: Dog breeder


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2. KNGF Guide Dogs

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95 reviews
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KNGF Guide Dogs

Address: Amsteldijk Noord 42, 1184 TD Amstelveen, Netherlands

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5:30 pm

Telephone: +31 20 496 9333

Business type: Non-profit organisation

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KNGF Guide Dogs: what do users think?

Brian Hoolahan: Amazing!!
Response: Thank you Brian!

Carla Zunderman: Very good company. Heart for people and animals. Had a super fun day. Lunch was delicious and beautifully presented. Presentation also interesting.
Response: How nice to hear that you are so positive about us! Thanks also for the photos.

Liesbeth Van den Hof: Particularly impressive. And what a good job they do here. Nice story about history.
Response: Thank you for your lovely review Liesbeth!

Marloes Steijger: I think it is good that there are now buddy dogs for people with ptts, but that does not mean that it only applies to people who have been in the army, I myself also have ptts that originated from other traumatic experiences

Prof Drabb (Artiest handlezer): Disappointed very poor communication! Initially giving 1☆ now increased by two! Today, today inspection called, my indicated points have been discussed internally and things have been repaired! Good thing, too! Wouter Ruarus
Response: Dear Prof Drabb, how nice that we were able to increase the 1 star to 3 stars. If we can help you in the future, we'd love to hear from you!

G B: Beautiful location with beautiful work being done. All sweet hardworking dogs that are used for a very nice task.
Response: Thank you for your nice review. We are very happy with this!

Sander van den Oever: Wonderful organization that is committed to dogs and clients with heart and soul. Very nice, clean location and friendly staff.
Response: Thank you for your lovely review, Sander! We're happy to hear that.

Roland en Buangoen: When it comes to people it is called slave trade but these are "just" animals and we can take all freedom and social behavior from them. DISGUSTING.
Response: Dear Roland, dogs get a lot of playing hours with us and have many moments in which they don't have to do much. If they don't have fun, we don't train the dogs any further and they become a house dog. Working against their will is not an issue.

3. Van Noord's Dierenvoeders

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352 reviews
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Van Noord's Dierenvoeders

Address: Oude Karselaan 15, 1182 CM Amstelveen, Netherlands

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 pm

Telephone: +31 20 641 4243

Business type: Pet Shop

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Van Noord's Dierenvoeders: what do users think?

Erin Weigel: Always super friendly and helpful service. They even help you carry your big bags of food to your car! Great selection of high-quality pet foods and supplies. It’s our go-to pet store in Amsterdam—even though we have to take a bit of a drive to get there. Worth the effort.

Ria A: They are absolutely the best pet shop. Such a great selection, which is really helpful for my senior pug with stomach problems, but the food we can find here works really well with him. The staff are always a pleasure to deal with as well, so we only order here even though we live in another city :). Shipping is always consistent. Very much worth it.
Response: Thank you very much for your kind review! Nice to hear that you like our shop. Hope to see you back again in our webshop!

Mahmoud Danaee: Very friendly staff who care the customers

Lakshana Balaji: Love love love this place. One place that truly makes my pup, my husband and me go nuts. Their options are really wide. Prices are really fair. They have each and every product like food, treats, toys, leash, collars,harness, beds, crates and so on. This is the one stop for all the needs of your four legged best friend.
Response: What a lovely review! Thank you very much and we hope ot see you soon in our Pet shop or webshop :)

陈紫烟: Great pet shop with lots of choices for cat. They even have ziwi dry food and cans!! The shop is not so big but enough for a shopping. Stuffs are kind and helpful. They tried their best to provide service and suggestions for customers. Although it is 20 minutes biking away I would definitely go to this store next time.
Response: Happy to hear that you are satisfied :) Thank you for your kind review. Hope to see you again in our pet shop or webshop! Kind regards

Sanjukta Sengupta: Absolutely loved this store. Greeted with warm staff, great options of food, accessories, toys, grooming products for dogs, cats, rabits, rodents. The prices are very competitive. The staff guided me to buy the right products for my puppy. They also gave me trial Thispacks for food for the my new puppy. This was my first visit to the store and I am surely coming back here more often.
Response: Nice to read that you appreciate our shop! Thank you for your review :)

Stephanie Smith: Great store with a big variety of food (including healthy, organic and luxury brands) and other products for animals. Competitive prices. Helpful and friendly staff.
Response: Nice review! Thank you very much :)

B B: Really nice place. Well stocked and friendly staff.

Shirley van Der Veldt: A bit hidden shop but so happy i have found it! great variety of dogs food and the staff is kind and helpful
Response: Thank you for this kind review Shirley! :) Hope to see you soon in our pet shop or webshop.

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